Get over the gimmicks and knock down the enemies by using TORNADO, JUMP, DASH and DIVE.


Repel the enemies and objects in the wide range.


Climb up the higher mountain and jump over the hole.


Move faster and blow off the enemies and objects.


Go down quickly and crush enemies and objects.

Tough Enemies

All enemies in the world are tough and can not be knocked down easily.
Use the actions to get over them.

Elements for Hardcore Players

This game has lots of elements for hardcore players.
Challenge to clear secret stages and complete achievements.


You will earn achievements when you clear the stage by completing the special conditions.

Secret Stages

Check again the stages that you have already cleared, and you will find the slight changes to enter the secret stage.

Time Attack Mode

Time attack mode is unlocked after you clear the stage.
Try to clear as fast as possible and get additional achievements.